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[software]Pac-Man (Prototype) - Atarisoft
Atarisoft was a brand name used by Atari to market video games they published for home systems made by their competitors. They published only 4 games for Colecovision. Galaxian and Jungle Hunt are hard to find, but Centipede and Defender are common. Unfortunately, Atarisoft never released Pac-Man on Colecovision. This port of Pac-Man was completed, and had many of the aspects of Namco's original Pac-Man...
Downloads: 3,843 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[software]Burgertime (Prototype) - Mattel
The object of the game is to complete a number of hamburgers while avoiding enemy foods. When main protagonist, chef Peter Pepper, the player's character, walks the length of an ingredient (bun, meat patty, tomato, etc.), it falls one level. If it lands atop another ingredient, the latter in turn falls one level. A burger is completed when all vertically aligned ingredients have been dropped out of the maze and onto a waiting plate...
Downloads: 2,124
[software]Dig Dug - Atari
Dig Dug (ディグダグ Digu Dagu?) is an arcade game developed and published by Namco in Japan in 1982 for Namco Galaga hardware. It was later published outside of Japan by Atari, Inc.. A popular game based on a simple concept, it was also released as a video game on many consoles. The objective of Dig Dug is to eliminate underground-dwelling monsters by inflating them with an air pump until they pop, or by dropping rocks on them...
Downloads: 1,790
[software]Dragon's Lair (1984-04-16)(Coleco)(proto)
Dragon's Lair (1984-04-16)(Coleco)(proto)
Downloads: 1,449 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[software]Spy Hunter (1984-11-12)(Coleco)(proto)[v22]
Click here to view the manual to this game. Spy Hunter (1984-11-12)(Coleco)(proto)[v22] Click here or here to view the controller overlay for this game. Spy Hunter is a vertical scrolling action/driving game with the player in the role of a spy driving an armed sportscar. The object of the game is to travel the freeway destroying as many enemy vehicles as possible while protecting civilian vehicles...
Downloads: 1,136
[software]Joust (Prototype) - Atari
Joust is a platforming game where the player controls a yellow knight riding a flying ostrich from a third-person perspective. Using the two-way directional joystick and the button for flapping the ostrich's wings, the player flies the knight amidst the floating rock platforms and above pools of lava; when maneuvering off the screen to either side, the player will continue its path reappearing from the opposite side...
Downloads: 824
[software]Q-Bert (1983) (Parker Brothers)
Q-Bert (1983) (Parker Brothers) Q*bert is an isometric platform game with puzzle elements where the player controls the title character from a third-person perspective. Q*bert starts each game at the top of an isometric pyramid of cubes, and moves by jumping diagonally from cube to cube. Landing on a cube causes it to change color, and changing every cube to the target color allows the player to progress to the next stage...
Downloads: 821 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[software]Super DK! Junior (1983)(Nintendo)(proto)
Super DK! Junior (1983)(Nintendo)(proto)
Downloads: 671
[software]Final Test Cartridge (1982)(Coleco)
Final Test Cartridge (1982)(Coleco)
Downloads: 621
[software]Super DK! (1982)(Nintendo)(proto)
Super DK! (1982)(Nintendo)(proto)
Downloads: 613
[software]Bump 'n' Jump (1984)(Mattel)(proto)
Click here to view the manual to this game. Due to the bird's eye view, players cannot see the large obstacles until it is too late to jump, so the game displays a flashing exclamation point when the large obstacles are about to appear. The enemy vehicles are separated into cars and trucks. Cars can be bumped into obstacles or jumped upon and destroyed, while trucks cannot be bumped; they can be jumped upon only to destroy them, and will sometimes drop obstacles that will destroy the player or o...
Downloads: 442
[software]War Games (1984-04-17)(Coleco)(proto)[v17]
Click here to view the manual to this game. As the game begins, the iconic line "Greetings Professor Falken:" appears on the screen, quickly followed by, in a box: "Select a Challenge Level from 1 to 8 for Global Thermonuclear War". After the skill level has been chosen, the main game screen appears. The continental United States is divided into six sectors, each with its own bases and major cities...
Downloads: 414
[software]BC's Quest for Tires (1983)(Sierra On-Line)
Click here to view the manual to this game. The player takes the role of the caveman Thor, who has to rescue his girlfriend, the Cute Chick, who has been kidnapped by a dinosaur. To do this, he must travel on his stone unicycle through several levels. Each level involves Thor moving from the left to the right, avoiding various dangers. The game is an action game taking place on several consecutive levels...
Downloads: 321
[software]Porky's (1983)(Fox Video Games)(proto)
Porky's (1983)(Fox Video Games)(proto)
Downloads: 314
[software]M.A.S.H. (1983)(Fox Video Games)(proto)
M.A.S.H., or Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, is a game based on the 1970s TV show MASH. In the game, players take on the role of the MASH helicopter picking up injured soldiers from the frontlines and bringing them back to MASH. As players brave the open skies of the war, they must watch out for the tanks that try and shoot them down. The aim of the game is to try and collect as many troops as you can (you can only carry one at a time) without getting shot down...
Downloads: 289
[software]Q-Bert Qubes (1984)(Parker Brothers)
Click here to view the manual to this game. Q-Bert Qubes (1984)(Parker Brothers) Several video game sequels were released over the years, but did not reach the same level of success as the original. The first, titled Q*bert's Qubes, shows a copyright of 1983 on its title screen. It was manufactured by Mylstar Electronics, and used the same hardware as the original. The game features Q*bert, but introduces new enemies: Meltniks, Soobops, and Rat-A-Tat-Tat...
Downloads: 254
[software]2010 - The Graphic Action Game - Coleco
Click here to view the manual to this game. 2010: The Graphic Action Game is a puzzle/maze game with elements from 2010: Odyssey Two where the player must save the Discovery from crashing onto the surface of Jupiter's volcanic moon, Io. The player must choose one of about five circuits to work on in one of the ship's critical systems: Engine, Power, Communications, Life Support, and the HAL 9000. Successful power routing of a circuit makes each system slowly come on-line...
Downloads: 238
[software]Fall Guy (1983)(Fox Video Games)(proto)
Fall Guy (1983)(Fox Video Games)(proto)
Downloads: 227
[software]Antarctic Adventure - Konami
Click here to view the manual to this game. Antarctic Adventure, known in Japan as Kekkyoku Nankyoku Daibōken (けっきょく南極大冒険) is a video game developed by Konami in 1983 for MSX, and later for video game consoles, such as NES. The player takes the role of an Antarctic penguin, racing to disparate research stations owned by different countries in Antarctica. The gameplay is similar to Sega's Turbo, but plays at a much slower pace, and features platform game elements...
Downloads: 209
[software]Cabbage Patch Kids - Adventures in the Park (1984-06-30)(OAA)(proto)
Click here to view the manual to this game. Cabbage Patch Kids - Adventures in the Park (1984-06-30)(OAA)(proto) Your player is a Cabbage Patch kid with pigtails who is having a day at the park. A day that includes jumping onto vines and leaping over holes and bouncing onto correct platforms. A misplaced jump will lose a life and additionally there are a few creatures such as bees who end the player's turn when touched...
Downloads: 196
[software]Super Action Baseball (1983)(Coleco)
Click here to view the manual to this game. Super Action Baseball (1983)(Coleco) Click here or here to view the controller overlay for this game. Colecovision's only baseball game and first of the Super Action series, Super Action Baseball was specially designed to work with the Super Action controllers. Batting is done with an angled view wherein you see your batter in the bottom-left of the screen and the pitcher at center-right...
Downloads: 191
[software]Sword and the Sorcerer (1983)(Coleco)(proto)
Sword and the Sorcer (1983)(Coleco)(proto)
Downloads: 190
[software]Tarzan (1984)(Coleco)
Tarzan (1984)(Coleco)
Downloads: 170
[software]Smurf Play and Learn (1982)(Coleco)(proto)
Smurf Play and Learn (1982)(Coleco)(proto)
Downloads: 149
[software]Robin Hood (1984)(Xonox)
Click here to view the manual to this game. You are Robin Hood in medieval England and you are trying to enter the Sheriff of Nottingham's castle. Inside the castle, lovely Maid Marian is being held captive by the evil Sheriff, and the Sheriff's gold is locked away in a vault. Before you can enter the castle and find the gold and save Maid Marian, you must cross treacherous Sherwood Forest where the Sheriff's henchmen lie in ambush...
Downloads: 143
[software]Motocross Racer (1984)(Xonox)
Click here to view the manual to this game. Motocross Racer (1984)(Xonox) Motocross Racer is a bike racing game where you need to race through three different scenes in the shortest amount of time possible. Each scene takes place in a different location with a different perspective. First you will race through the desert with a 3-D behind the bike point of view. Rocks, cacti, scorpions, and other obstacles should be avoided or you'll crash and lose valuable time...
Downloads: 127
[software]Oil's Well (1984)(Sierra On-Line)
In Oil's Well, the player attempts to manage an oil drilling operation and collect oil while evading subterranean creatures. The player can advance through eight different levels, using four directional control buttons to move the drill head, and pressing a button to quickly retract it.
Downloads: 125
[software]Meteoric Shower (1983)(Bit Corp.)
Meteoric Shower (1983)(Bit Corp.)
Downloads: 125 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[software]Power Lords - Quest for Volcan (1983)(Probe 2000)(proto)
Power Lords - Quest for Volcan (1983)(Probe 2000)(proto)
Downloads: 92
[software]Super Action Soccer (1984)(Coleco)
Super Action Soccer (1984)(Coleco)
Downloads: 86
[software]Orbit (1983)(Parker Bros)(proto)
Orbit (1983)(Parker Bros)(proto)
Downloads: 86
[software]CBS ColecoVision Monitor Test (1982)(CBS)
CBS ColecoVision Monitor Test (1982)(CBS)
Downloads: 84
[software]Ken Uston Blackjack-Poker (1983)(Coleco)
Click here to view the manual to this game. Bring the excitement of a casino night to your own home with KEN USTON BLACKJACK/POKER. In BLACKJACK, pit your card skills against Max, the casino dealer. A special HELP feature allows you to call for assistance. In POKER, play one-on-one Five-Card Stud. But don't let Max's poker face fool you. Who knows what's in the cards? Click here to view the controller overlay for this game.
Downloads: 82
[software]Frantic Freddy (1983)(Spectravideo)
Click here to view the manual to this game. Frantic Freddy (1983)(Spectravideo) A tall building is on fire, and while all the human inhabitants seem to be safe, their cats are trapped in the flames. It is up to the brave fireman Frantic Freddy to save all the cats, floor by floor. Frantic Freddy is an arcade action game where Freddy must run back and forth on the ground, dodging falling rubbish while shooting water at flames in the windows of a building...
Downloads: 74
[software]Spectron (1983)(Spectravideo)
Click here to view the manual to this game. Spectron (1983)(Spectravideo) The planetary clust Shalix is plagued by an intergalactic dust cloud that blocked out their sun. Now the Shalix have built a fleet to colonize new worlds. Unfortunately they set their eyes on Spectron, the player's home world. It's up to the player to repel the invading forces from Shalix. Spectron is a single-screen shoot 'em up in the vain of Space Invaders...
Downloads: 71
[software]Dr. Seuss's Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler (1984)(Coleco)
Click here to view the manual to this game. Designed for children ages 4–10, Dr. Seuss's Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler is an electronic sliding puzzle featuring six Dr. Seuss characters: the Cat in the Hat, the Grinch, a Star-Bellied Sneech, the Doorman, and the Woset and Clark. The object of the game is to reassemble scrambled pictures, each of which is composed of three characters. There are five difficulty levels from which to choose...
Downloads: 69
[software]Sammy Lightfoot (1983)(Sierra On-Line)
Click here to view the manual to this game. Sammy Lightfoot (1983)(Sierra On-Line) Sammy Lightfoot is a 1983 computer game by Sierra On-line. The game was released for a number of 1980s-era home computers and game consoles, including the Apple II, the Atari 400 and 800, ColecoVision, Commodore 64, and the IBM PC. A multi-level platform game (or "climbing game," as the genre was called in the U.S. in 1983) in the vein of Donkey Kong, Sammy Lightfoot follows the travails of a circus worker who jum...
Downloads: 68
[software]Monkey Academy (1984)(Konami)(proto)
Click here to view the manual to this game. Monkey Academy (1984)(Konami)(proto) This platform game is about solving arithmetic problems. In the equation one number is missing, you 'll have to find the right number. This game is aimed at young children to help them learn arithmetic problem solving or playing with numbers. Some monkeys are minding their own business when they see a number missing from their arithmetic problem...
Downloads: 65
[software]Facemaker (1983)(Spinnaker Software)[aka Make-A-Face]
Click here to view the manual to this game. Facemaker (1983)(Spinnaker Software)[aka Make-A-Face] Click here to view the controller overlay for this game. Everyone's mothers always say "Don't make those faces! They'll stay like that!" But now you have the chance to make the silliest looking faces anyone's ever seen! Choose from a wide assortment of eyes, ears, noses, and mouths. Then make your newly created faces blink, wiggle their ears, wink, or razz you...
Downloads: 51
[software]Squish'em Featuring Sam! (1984)(Interphase)
Squish'em Featuring Sam! (1984)(Interphase)
Downloads: 49
[software]Berenstain Bears, The (1984)(Coleco)(proto)
Berenstain Bears, The (1984)(Coleco)(proto)
Downloads: 45
[software]Amazing Bumpman (1986)(Telegames)
Click here to view the manual to this game. Amazing Bumpman (1986)(Telegames)
Downloads: 45
[software]Spy Hunter (1984)(Coleco)(proto)[v13]
Spy Hunter (1984)(Coleco)(proto)[v13]
Downloads: 44 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[software]Steamroller (1984)(Activision)(proto)
Steamroller (1984)(Activision)(proto) Repair the potholes in the road. If a beach ball gets in the way, pop it! But beware of beach bombs! You are driving around a continuously deteriorating road, where potholes are forming. You must drive over these potholes to repair them. Along the way, you can drive over beach balls to pop them for points. Don't let a pothole go too long because if it does, it will become a manhole...
Downloads: 44
[software]Dance Fantasy (1984)(Fisher-Price)
Dance Fantasy (1984)(Fisher-Price)
Downloads: 42
[software]Wizard of Id's Wizmath (1984)(Sierra On-Line)
Click here to view the manual to this game. Wizard of Id's Wizmath (1984)(Sierra On-Line) Spook needs to escape from the King of Id's dungeons. He slips out but Turnkey is in pursuit. He needs to solve math problems to open the way to his escape. Wizard of Id's WizMath is an educational game to teach mathematics. Using your joystick, you must move blocks into place so they complete a correct math problem and answer...
Downloads: 41
[software]Sector Alpha (1983)(Spectravideo)
Sector Alpha (1983)(Spectravideo)
Downloads: 39
[software]Video Hustler (1984-07-27)(Konami)(proto)
Video Hustler (1984-07-27)(Konami)(proto)
Downloads: 38
[software]Killer Instinct (1997)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD)
Killer Instinct (1997)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD)
Downloads: 38
[software]Space Hunter (2005)(Foster, Guy)(PD)
Space Hunter (2005)(Foster, Guy)(PD)
Downloads: 37
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